The Formulation
‘Duraseal®’ is a virtually colourless mix of fluorine polymers, with added emulsifiers in an organic solvent base. It provides a durable repellant finish that is resistant to atmospheric contaminants, oil and grease, as well as many foodstuffs and beverages. ‘Duraseal®’ is an effective repellant against most types of soiling but it does not form an impermeable barrier. The repellant ‘coats’ each and every textile fibre without blocking the interstices of the fabric weave. The treatment allows the fabric to ‘breathe’ and makes subsequent cleaning easier.

After Care
All types of soiling should be attended to as quickly as possible. Mopping up, with a sponge and cold water, is normally an effective means of removing the contaminant from a ‘Duraseal®’ protected fabric. The use of hot water, detergents and solvents could reduce repellancy and increase the risk of re-soiling. Therefore, such corrective treatments are not recommended.

In the event of large spillages, cold water and mechanical extraction, via a wet vacuum machine, or the upholstery attachment of a carpet cleaning appliance, should remove the contaminant without reducing the level of repellancy. For the best results, we always recommend the use of a reputable and professional cleaning service.

System Performance
In the absence of any British or European Standard governing the performance of such repellants, together with variable traffic conditions in every venue, it is impossible to guarantee the effective life of a ‘Duraseal®’ treatment. However, the product has been used extensively in hotels, schools, pubs, clubs and offices, without evidence of any deterioration over a five year period, and the empirical data supports a continuation of satisfactory performance beyond this trouble-free period.