Independent Verification

Independent Verification of Compliance.
Our quality management system has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 and an important part of that approval continues to be the submission of treated samples to accredited laboratories for testing.

The verification of fire safety compliance is an established and recognised procedure, approved by a number of regulatory authorities and fire safety organisations, and is in full support of our adherence to ‘due diligence’.

Flamentek Limited, an associated fire prevention consultancy, carries out comprehensive assessments on behalf of our clients and instructs the relevant laboratory or specialist service accordingly. This ‘arms length’ policy maintains the credibility of verification and compliance.

We recommend independent verification of compliance when one or other of the following circumstances arise:

  1. The requirement to treat a large consignment of one particular product.
  2. Repeat orders of a similar product (at approximately 1000 metre or 1000 unit intervals).
  3. A particular product is proving difficult to treat.
  4. The material is being installed in a high risk area and/or the authorities request additional documentation in support of the applied treatments.
  5. A new product is being launched.
  6. A customer has had several consignments of different products processed without any supporting verification of compliance.

Although additional charges will be incurred with all such assessments, no test programmes will be instigated without customer approval and acceptance.

If you would like to find out more about our Independent verification of Fire Safety Standards compliance, please contact us.

Download the PDF for information on our independent verification service.