In-house Assessment

All products received for processing are subjected to Quality Control checks prior to production. To enable our in-house assessment procedures to function properly, we require treated samples of all materials processed to be tested in our works laboratory, for an indication of compliance with the relevant fire safety standard.

Specimens will be cut from the material received, or samples supplied by the customer if the delivered goods, for whatever reason, cannot be cut. Initial trials are conducted prior to production, with an indicative assessment carried out before the processed order can be released for delivery/collection.

Fabric Flare currently carries out over thirty different in-house assessments, all based on the relevant test criteria. Indicative tests, based on the relevant standards, are carried out with every order. The results of the in-house assessment are detailed on the certificate issued on completion of the order.

Fabric Flare’s in-house assessment procedures formed a vital part of the company achieving ISO 9001. approval. Nevertheless, we are a treatment house, not an accredited testing facility, and our assessments are carried out in tandem with the support and verification of results from independent laboratories. The combination of these disciplines underlines the ‘due diligence’ of the whole compliance procedure.

Download the PDF for our In-house assessment fire safety standards