Fabric Flare issues certificates, post-treatment, based on the results of indicative assessments conducted in-house. Every effort is made to replicate, as far as possible, the relevant test criteria, with a representative sample of each treated product tested in our laboratory by our experienced technicians.

Our fire safety certification procedure is an established and recognised programme, approved by a number of regulatory authorities, and reviewed on a regular basis, both internally and externally. Certificates record the details of the material treated, together with the flame retardant formulation applied. Despite being recognised throughout the UK and abroad, it is important for our customers to ensure that end customers and/or the relevant authorities are happy to accept our certification, in isolation. In certain circumstances, supporting documentation is required to ensure the relevant statutory approval.

An important part of our ISO 9001: 2008 accreditation continues to be our established programme of submitting treated samples to independent laboratories for testing. The results from such independent assessments are referenced on the relevant certificate and detail the confirmation of compliance.

However, nothing lasts forever and certification, whether independently supported or not, is not exempt. Bearing in mind that Fabric Flare has no control over end use, or the conditions that prevail in the customer appointed location, we recommend that the relevance of our certification be considered after a period of five years. This does not mean that re-treatment is automatically needed to maintain the validity of the certificate. It does means that the installation should be inspected by the person responsible for the risk assessment, with the requirements to re-treat or not, resting wholly on the decision of the risk assessor and/or the inspecting authority. If, therefore, further attention is not considered necessary, Fabric Flare would relinquish all its contractual obligations after the period concerned.

With a comprehensive certification and back-up advisory service designed to meet the requirements of passive fire protection, Fabric Flare continue to provide the means of verified compliance in the UK and abroad.

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