Timber Blinds

Fabric Flare treats timber blinds with ‘Duraflam-Duracote®’ Flame Retardant to meet the performance requirements of Class 1 in accordance with BS 476: Part 7. Passive fire protected timber blinds resist and isolate flames.

A key requirement for passive fire resistance concerns public safety and ‘Duraflam-Duracote®’ treated blinds increase the time available for the evacuation of a building, as well as reducing the extent of damage to surrounding property and furnishings.

‘Duracote®’ is a specially formulated intumescent for treating timber blinds. The ‘expansion’ of retardant, when activated by high temperatures, inhibits the surface spread of flame.

A few examples of the type of products processed by Fabric Flare, using its ‘Duraflam-Duracote®’ Flame Retardant System are:

  • Venetian Blinds – 25mm, 50mm and 68mm slats (whether received as individual components or as made-up items.
  • Bamboo and Pinoleum Blinds.
  • Pine, Chestnut, Beech, Walnut, Maple, Western Red Cedar or Basswood Blinds Wooden Shutters.

To enable our quality assurance and in-house test procedures to be completed, we require representative samples of all products to be provided by the client, unless samples can be cut from the material supplied for treatment.

Download the PDF for more information about flame retardant treatments for timber blinds.