Fire Prevention Consultancy Service

As legislation governing fire prevention becomes increasingly stringent, with risk assessments adding to the requirements demanded by a growing number of statutory authorities, the time taken to evaluate a product’s fitness for purpose has grown in ratio to the requirement for the additional compliance.

British, European and International standards can be appendaged with specifications concerning smoke, toxicity and durability, adding to the complexity of compliant evaluation. When coupled with the need for third party verification, product conformity is no longer the determinant of the treatment house alone.

In order to provide customers with a cost effective assessment service, within an acceptable time frame, Fabric Flare instructs a fire prevention consultancy, Flamentek Limited, to conduct tests and assessment programmes on behalf of its customers. The association enables the treatment house to concentrate on its processing procedures, without encumbrance and without an extension of lead times necessitated by repetitive in-house testing, over and above the requirement of an established quality control discipline.

The use of a consultative facility is not unique to Fabric Flare. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) lists eight systems of acceptable assessment, all of which are third party based. The devised programmes are concerned with product testing, assessment of processing methods, the implementation of controls and audit reviews.

Third party certification, inclusive of independent laboratory verification, underlines the product’s fitness for the required specification. In being removed from those with a vested interest in the level of compliance, the independent assessment is an acceptable endorsement of performance.

Contact Fabric Flare for more information about our Fire Safety Legislation in our sector of the passive fire prevention industry, and the technical support provided by our associated consultancy.