ISO accreditation
Fabric Flare offers a comprehensive flame proofing system for upholstery, drapes, wall coverings, timber and wood based products.

As part of its Quality Assurance system, Fabric Flare regularly submits treated samples to accredited laboratories for independent assessment.

Fabric Flare have certificates of registration for ISO 9001: 2015: Quality Management Systems and also ISO 14001: 2015: Environmental Management Systems.

Environmental Policy
As a result of our operations we recognise that we impact on the environment in various ways.

In order to combat this we are:
• committed to continual improvement of our Environmental Management System according to, but not limited to, the requirements of ISO 14001 and the prevention of pollution.
• committed to complying with the applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which the organisation subscribes which relate to its environmental aspects.

In order to minimise our impact on the Environment, we will aim to:
• Adopt processes in our operations to minimise material waste by encouraging recycling.
• Ensure that we manage our utilities responsibly by looking at opportunities to reduce our energy consumption.
• Encourage the use of electronic communication to reduce the need for paper use.
• Establish a company training package that will educate our workforce in environmental responsibilities.
• Measure our environmental performance, and communicate the results with our employees on a regular basis.

This Policy is communicated to all our employees and is available for public viewing via our website. It is also displayed on the staff notice board, in the staff breakroom and in the main entrance hall.
This Policy and all relevant environmental documentation will be reviewed at regular intervals, to ensure that it fully reflects the environmental impact of the organisation’s diverse activities.

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